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Description of My Passwords - Password Manager

Tired of remembering multiple passwords or annoyed of forgetting them?
Looking for a secure and easy way of saving all those passwords and sensitive data?
This password manager application will help you to store all your passwords easily and safely using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). The only thing you have to do is to remember a master password which is used as encryption key.
My Passwords is 100% secure since it does not require internet permission.
•  Quick and easy access
•  AES-256 data encryption
•  Backup and restore your data
•  No internet permission
•  Built in password generator
•  Auto exit when screen turns off
•  Multi-Window support
•  Unlimited number of entries
•  [PRO] Auto backup
•  [PRO] Clipboard auto clear
•  [PRO] Custom fields
•  [PRO] Enter using fingerprint
•  [PRO] Export and import csv files
•  [PRO] Image attachments
•  [PRO] Password history
•  [PRO] Self destruction
•  [PRO] Theme selection
•  [PRO] Unlimited labels
•  [PRO] Mass label assignment
•  [PRO] Wear OS app
The optional PRO version is available with a single in-app purchase which unlocks all the additional features. You purchase only once! No additional monthly fees or subscriptions.
If you have multiple devices, you can share easily your passwords with all your devices without having to retype them using Dropbox, Google Drive or similar application. Simply create a backup on a device and move it to another where it can be restored using the same master password.
- To backup your database please go to: Settings - Database - Backup database
- To restore your database please go to: Settings - Database - Restore database
- Storage: Allows the app to access the storage for writing/reading backup and csv files
- Use fingerprint hardware: Allows the app to use the fingerprint sensor for authentication
- In-app purchases: To be able to purchase the PRO version and unlock the additional features
- It is strongly recommended that you backup your encrypted database at regular intervals
- If the master password is lost the stored data cannot be recovered because of the missing sync option

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